Web Design: should you handle yours?

So you need a website for your business, and you are considering attempting to do it yourself. With all the advertisements about web design builders, you would think a new website would be easy at least for the visual aspect.

You need to determine where your priorities are for your business. Choosing to delegate needs to an expert will get you more desirable results and the ROI will outweigh the costs. If you build your business website yourself the time spent doing so you cannot replace. Although riding a stationary bike is a good exercise it goes nowhere. Now you have lost time and most likely will get no return without years of experience. Most experienced designers learn this the hard way.

Full-time web developers know how much work goes into a quality new web design. If you can manage to create a decent looking website, it will lack an extensive list of needs that will be required to be effective in today’s market. Hiring a website design company will take the burden off of you so that you stay focused on your business.

Unfortunately, that does not mean every web design company will pay attention to all these details as employees may or may not follow company procedures. You may consider choosing a freelance web designer with an excellent reputation that can offer more benefits. Even a small web design company can be especially beneficial as they will be more interested in developing a client relationship that is closer than large corporate companies.

It is important that you choose a full-time web design company that will be able to dedicate proper time to your new web design. It is essential for customer service so that you can be in contact with them during regular business hours easily. We see that the downside to part-time companies is that they tend to be hard to reach, and therefore your business suffers. The number of clients we have gained for this reason is shocking because their web designer controls all access to everything needed. Quite a common practice so that it would make it difficult to change companies or freelancers.

Having a transparent company with excellent customer service is a top priority. Covert Frequencies offers several ways for contacting such as live website chat, email, private customer management live chat portals and business phone lines. These are just a few of the tools we use to be more efficient and prompt with all our clients. Making changes to content or additional content promptly and on time.

If you plan to get your business found following a disciplined schedule in posting new content is vital, and if your web designer has a poor response time, you will miss crucial times to reach potential clients.

Choosing a web design company can be a complicated process. Don’t just select a website design company because of a slick website or big sign on a building. Find out how each company handles customer service and if it is with the designers directly. Contacting sales representatives or mediators to talk about design ideas can cause more confusion and time.

Our designers work directly with you to make sure your thoughts get translated into the new site design you envision. Hopefully, we have given you something to consider when planning on a new website design for marketing your business.


Our design team offers SEO, Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing and Social Media.  We create a streamlined professional image for your brand.

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